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School of scientific workmanship SciCraft

The mission of SciCraft: The school of scientific workmanship is to disseminate the essential skills required for further scientific work to students and young scientists. That is why experts in various areas of expertise are met on the basis of different universities since 2018.

Our team of specialists includes representatives of the coordination council for youth affairs in research and academic areas of the council for science and education of the President of the Russian Federation; delegates from the largest scientific foundations; experts in patent law; speakers from major international scientific publishing houses; specialists in the art of speaking and scientific communication; and spokespersons from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Our school offers an intensive scientific and educational course oriented to the youth to transfer experience and knowledge and to develop the professional competences in science and education required for any scientist.

Five modules have been already conducted in the first year of the operation of the school: two sessions in Kazan, and one session each in Baikal, Samara and Saint Petersburg. Almost a thousand young scientists have attended these sessions.

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