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About the Academy

The Eco-Vector Online Academy was designed for scientists who want to advance and pursue a scientific career. It has a combined training that contributes to the development of skills such as:

  • writing and publishing articles in Russian and international scientific journals,
  • work with academic texts in the English language,
  • use statistical data in publications,
  • public speaking skills,
  • and promotion of the brand of one’s name, organization, or journal on social networks.
To help advance the present-day scientists, we have gathered successful notable scientists, experts, and researchers at the Academy, who will share their years of experience with the audience, help find answers to questions, and navigate the agile scientific world.

The Eco-Vector Academy has been conducting consulting seminars and training since 2017 and in an online format since 2020.

2500 Researchers

attended courses


for every lesson


at a convenient time

An experience

of professionals in the field


All the cources

government issued certificate

Publications in international scientific journals, intellectual property law

20 academic hours

17 490 ₽


Publications in international scientific journals

16 academic hours

10 000 ₽


Fundamentals of Academic Writing (in English)

10 academic hours

10 000 ₽

government issued certificate

Science Editor School, Intellectual Property

20 academic hours

17 490 ₽


Science Editor School

16 academic hours

10 000 ₽


Statistics in a scientific publication

16 academic hours

8 000 ₽


Launching and maintaining social networks for a scientist, journal or research organization

9 academic hours

5 990 ₽


Explaining your work: scientific communication, presentation, poster

5 academic hours

4 000 ₽


Public Speaking Skills for the Scientist

3 academic hours

4 990 ₽


Free webinars


Good editorial practice: working by the rules


Why does a young scientist need statistics


How to Create the Perfect Scientific Text in English with Writefull Tools


Cochrane Library


Evidence-Based Medicine and Big Data on the Example of Covid-19


Personal brand of a scientist: concept, goals, development

SciCraft: School
of Scientific Craft

Eco-Vector developed and implemented a large-scale event for young scientists.



  • Support for the development of science in Russia;
  • Stimulation of students’ interest in science;
  • Assistance to young scientists in development;
  • Informing about the latest contemporary tools, databases, and news in various fields of science.

SciCraft is held by the order of a region, territory, or higher education institutions.


8900 Young scientists 

have already taken part

10 Schools

of Scientific Craft
have been held in five regions

40 Speakers

постоянные участники Школ научного ремесла

5 Days 

duration of the School of Scientific Craft


Students, postgraduates, graduate students, and teaching staff of higher educational institutions


Successful notable scientists, specialists of scientific and pseudo-scientific organizations, and representatives of the largest scientific publishing houses in the world


1 Online
2 Offline + online
3 Offline


issued at the end of the event to each participant

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What documents will I receive at the end of the course?

At the end of the course, you can receive a Certificate of Advanced Training according to the state standard and a Certificate of Attendance, certified by the seal of the Eco-Vector Academy, or just a Certificate of Attendance.

If I am still a student, will these courses be useful for me?

If you are thinking about scientific activity or have already embarked on the path of a scientist, our courses will help you avoid common mistakes at the very beginning of your scientific career, plan your research competently and successfully publish in international scientific journals, create your brand of a scientist and promote it.

What do you need to enroll in the course?

First of all, you need to fill out the application form on the Academy website and register for the course. If you are going to a course with a certificate of advanced training, then a completed higher education and a package of documents are required (the list of documents is indicated on the course page). For classes on the course with the final issuance of a certificate of attendance, only an application and tuition fees are needed.

Will I be able to combine my main studies/work with my coursework?

All classes in the courses take place in the evening, or have video recordings of lectures that can be viewed at a convenient time.

I have been publishing for a long time. What will I get in the course?

The acquired knowledge will help you reduce the time for preparing and reviewing articles, use modern databases and research tools to the maximum benefit for yourself, and protect your intellectual property rights.

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