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The world’s largest abstract database offering unique opportunities for scientific information search and analysis. It is used for assessment of academic activity rated by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, etc. In Russia, data from Scopus are used in the assessment of the operational effectiveness of scientific institutions, according to the following documents:

  1. Orders of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science No. 161 and 162 dated March 05, 2014.
  2. Decree of the Russian Federation Government dated April 15, 2014 No.301.
  3. Directive of the Russian Federation Government dated December 28, 2012 No.2580-r.

Database coverage:

  • 21,000+ peer-reviewed journals (~ 320 from the RF);
  • 365 industrial non-scientific publications;
  • 421 book serial publications (ISSN and ISBN).

Database materials:

  • 33 million inputs (1996-present), 84% with abstracts;
  • 30 million inputs (pre-1996);
  • 25.2 million patent inputs from WIPO, EPO, USPTO, JPO, IPO.GOV.UK;
  • 6.4 million conference articles;
  • >120,000 books (www).

Eco-Vector — official distributor of Scopus in the Russian Federation

  • Take out a subscription for access to this resource
  • Arrange intramural training for company employees
  • Assist in editing the company profile
  • Put the company’s journal website in compliance with the Scopus requirements
  • Plan bibliometric research of the company’s operation

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Scopus functions:

  • search for articles
  • analysis of articles’ citation
  • visualization of the search and analysis results
  • search and analysis of the authors’ profiles (h-index)
  • search and analysis of the institutions’ profiles
  • comparison of journals by citation indicators
  • export of the references and articles


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