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Pathway Studio

Pathway Studio is the largest global database in molecular-biological subjects that allows analyzing and visualizing mechanisms of diseases, gene expression, and proteomic and metabolomic data.

Software Pathway Studio combines a vast knowledge database in biological interactions and tools of analysis and visualization, which allows scientists to study molecular interactions, as well as the causal links in biological processes.

Coverage and materials of database:

  • More than 10 000 journals;
  • 1 606 full-text journals;
  • More than 24 million abstracts of PubMed;
  • More than 164 000 items clinical research.

Knowledge database in biological interactions:

  • More than 3.7 million full-text articles from 1 496 journals;
  • More than 30 million short facts, all available for viewing.

Eco-Vector is the official distributor of Pathway Studio database in the Russian Federation

  • Take out a subscription for access to this resource
  • Arrange intramural training for the company’s employees

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