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Eco-vector is a Russian academic publishing house of books and journals, and an operator of scientific databases and educational programs. The company began operations in 1997and is an official agent of the publishing house, Elsevier (2017). The company is led by its President, Igor Rodin.

We publish more than 30 scientific journals, as well as textbooks and scientific monographs, both in Russian and in English. We also conduct training courses in academic English, scientometrics, publishing in international journals, and the use of mathematics in scientific publications. In addition, we organize seminars in the use of the bibliographic database Scopus and of other products of the publishing house Elsevier. In 2018, Eco-vector launched its own intensive educational course entitled School of Scientific Workmanship SciCraft. Successful scientists, representatives of international academic publishing houses, Russian foundations, universities, academic journalists, and patent experts teach this course to impart the skills required for the everyday activities performed by young scientists.

School of scientific workmanship SciCraft    Training Programs

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