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Database for search of biomedical information and peer-reviewed literature, in printed publications and conference materials.

Fuller than Medline, more specific than Scopus.

Database coverage:

  • 8,400+ peer-reviewed journals (72 from Russia);
  • 1,000+ conference publications;
  • 125 book serial publications (ISSN and ISBN).

Database materials:

  • 29 million articles (extended abstracts);
  • 30 million inputs (till 1996);
  • Archive Embase Classic 1.8 million inputs (1947‒1973).

Eco-Vector is the official distributor of Embase in the Russian Federation

  • Take out a subscription for access to the resource
  • Arrange intramural training of the company’s employees

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Functions and capabilities of Embase:

  • search for articles;
  • filter by the way of substance injection;
  • filter by classes of diseases;
  • special filters for search of information about preparations;
  • setting of notifications and RSS.

Enlarged thesaurus of Emtree:

  • 12 levels in the terms hierarchy;
  • 70,000+ terms;
  • 290,000+ synonyms;
  • 31,000+ names of medicines;
  • 3,000+ names of medical devices.

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