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The Electronic journal of publishing house Brill is one of the leading and oldest publishing houses in the area of ancient history, art history, history and culture of European countries (from ancient times to the 20th century), studies of the Middle East, studies of Asian countries, Biblical studies and religious studies, sociology, human rights and public international law, and economics. A special place is taken by oriental studies: Islam, history, and culture of Arab countries, India, China, and Japan. Publication of the classics of literature in the original language (Latin, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Syrian, etc.) is well-known in academic circles.

Coverage and materials of database:

  • 421 peer-reviewed journals;
  • 36 000 books;
  • 771 reference guides;
  • 2300 archive government documents.

Eco-Vector is the official distributor of electronic database Brill in the Russian Federation

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