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On this page you will find a brief description of all online resources that we offer access to. We have thoroughly examined each of these resources and have compiled this information kit for your convenience — just click the image or follow the link in the description.

We will be pleased to answer your questions about these resources and will tailor your subscription conditions to suit your needs.


Abstracting databases and analytical tools

  • Scopus — the largest global abstract database with opportunities for bibliometric analysis: the key tool for measuring the effectiveness of scientific programs.
  • Embase — abstract database of biomedical research.
  • Mendeley — personal library for articles, references, and notes storage, and a social space for communication and work. It is easily integrated with search tools, browsers, and Word/LibreOffice. It is free of charge for personal use, including in Apple/Android applications.


Online solutions for doctors, chemists, biologists, and engineers

The unique demands of experts from different areas resulted in establishing the specialized tools intended to ensure maximum effectiveness of information search and handling.

  • Reaxys — a synthesis planning system providing access to full-text information about substances and reactions from the key journals and patents.
  • Pathway Studio — environment for analysis of gene expression and regulation based on data from millions of scientific abstracts and full-text articles.
  • ClinicalKey — a unique full-text library from Elsevier for doctors, scientists, and students of medical universities. It combines 10 types of materials and helps in making more informed clinical decisions.
  • JoVE Video Journal and Science Education Database — the first global peer-reviewed video journal and educational database.


The best selection for universities and libraries.

Elsevier — the largest global provider of scientific, technical, and medical (STM) information. Your subscription will include its top-of-the-line resources covering almost all areas of knowledge.


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